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Why the Recruitment and Selection Process Needs Great Attention

Hiring a new employee is a very important decision for companies of all sizes.
August 6, 2019
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August 23, 2019

“You work in Human Resources? Isn’t that the department that takes care of benefits, prevents discrimination and sexual harassment, and does exit interviews when someone resigns? How could HR possibly boost the success of your company?”

Arguably, the most important function of an HR department involves the recruiting and selection of the employees, without whom the company can’t make anything, sell anything, or take care of its customers. Effective recruitment and selection helps organizations make successful hiring decisions that will increase productivity and competitiveness.

Hiring in the US can be a challenge that impacts directly on strategy and business success if it is not well planned and structured. Employment laws and practices vary drastically between Brazil and the United States, which presents potential pitfalls to foreign companies or owners who may not have an appreciation for such differences. So it is quite important to have a strategy for recruitment and selection that includes:

  • How to identify and reach a diverse set of qualified candidates
  • What you will do in the recruitment process to attract the best candidates
  • A recruiting process fully compliant with US Federal, State and Local laws
  • A means of differentiating a set of promising candidates from the many likely to apply
  • What are the skills, experience, qualifications and the ability to communicate with others
  • A competitive wage and benefits structure

In today’s complex labor environment, especially with sub-4% unemployment levels in the US, HR takes a role more important than ever. It can be a powerful weapon to help you find, attract, select and retain the best employees. Because of this, partnering with Connect, which offers customized recruitment and retention strategies, can be your best solution.

We provide our clients with guidelines about current labor regulations, tools to assess capabilities and cultural fit of candidates, compensation strategies, and more, to maximize the success of your business, reduce costs and lower the risk of non-compliance with local legislation.

The success of your company is our business!