“People are the basis of business. Develop the people before developing products.” – Connect HR Strategy. Atlanta

“People are the basis of business. Develop the people before developing products.”

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September 17, 2019
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In accordance with that expression, it’s not possible to achieve growth and business development without the development of people. A survey done by PwC, the 20th Global CEO Survey, among 1,379 leaders of companies in diverse segments in 79 countries, indicates that 69% of executives said that the lack of professionals with key competencies can present difficulties for the expansion of global companies. That is a concern for 77% of the CEOs. One of the worries is the adoption of strategies for the management of people and technology to result in professionals adapted for the digital age.

For that reason, corporations have increasingly invested in training and development of competencies of their employees. That strategy is a fundamental factor for the survival and growth of the companies, so as to increase productivity and profits, and to develop more engaged and motivated teams, able to solve the problems and challenges of the organization.

Implementing an employee development plan is not an easy task, requiring dedication and attention on the part of HR and team managers. It’s necessary to identify the priorities, in order to design the content and delivery mechanisms, tools and techniques that solve the immediate and future needs of the company. Also, having participative leadership is essential in this process. A participative manager profoundly knows each person on his/her team and can easily identify their strong and weak points. In this way, action can be taken before the employee loses motivation or quits for lack of stimulation. Even more necessary is personalization of the training: the greater its thoroughness, the better the results achieved.

In summary, preparation, qualification and competency of teams are variables that strongly influence the performance of the organization in companies of any size. It is known that in the corporate environment, investing in the development of people must be a constant task. Being such, what are the best ways of investing in the development of employees and how to do it? In our next article, we will provide tips to orchestrate an optimum plan to equip your team and boost the performance of each member.

Successful businesses depend on both the individual and collective success of their collaborators. At Connect, we can help you augment corporate performance through promotion of the development and efficiency of people management. Get in touch with us right away!

Remember: Company success is achieved through its people; therefore, if you want to have an extraordinary organization, make your employees extraordinary!