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Nature vs. Nurture : Why You Can’t Neglect Leadership Development

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August 6, 2019
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In business, it’s often said: “Employees quit their bosses, not their companies.” That’s the truth. Many employees have a lot of problems with their managers because of poor leadership, which has consequently caused negative effects over long time periods for their companies. High turnover, absenteeism, loss of productivity, poor quality goods and services, for example, cost companies billions of dollars each year. So that the organizations can achieve their objectives, employees need to be engaged and productive; it’s for that reason that both the leaders and the managers beneath them are key to organizational sustainability.

Effective leaders have the capacity to positively influence people, in a way to motivate, generate enthusiasm and build respect. Additionally, they must have specific competencies and attributes, in order to attain the organization’s objectives. These include excellent communication abilities, empathy, emotional intelligence, ability to work on a team, perception of the competitive scene, strategic thinking, courage, etc. However, these abilities don’t always magically appear; they must be built by way of leadership training programs.

According to a study about leadership performed by Affero Lab – the largest corporate education company in Brazil, an estimated 85% of people come to a leadership post without preparation. Leadership training is an essential tool to help managers and leaders hone their leadership abilities, engage their teams and contribute to the elevation of company performance. In this case, HR professionals are in a unique position to develop and conduct the training process.

In summary, so that the best people remain in your organization, it’s crucial to think about how you should perform as a leader. Great organizations show great leadership, and the best organizations understand that to attract and retain promising employees, it’s necessary to give leadership training programs the attention they deserve in your strategic planning process.