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How Leadership Can Succeed in the Covid-19 Crisis

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April 5, 2020
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June 2, 2020

The COVID-19 coronavirus hit the economy with full force. The result includes reduced orders, liquidity problems and lack of work in the short term, for many companies. Many people are concerned, their daily routines are characterized by insecurity. In these times, managers have a special responsibility - not only for their company, but more importantly for their employees.

To help managers make the right decisions in this difficult time, here are some of the actions that the best leaders take in times of crisis:

  • Be honest and objective when describing the current situation and the general situation of your company, so everyone has time to adjust;
  • Quickly clarify how things should be for each individual. Explain what government support measures may be available to your company and your employees. This will minimize rumors and paralysis;
  • Talk to people and listen. Everyone now has great personal challenges in addition to their work. Be accessible;
  • Create closeness and emotional connection and keep the communication flowing. In a crisis, the need for care and empathy is much greater;
  • Don’t make predictions for your business that are not based on reliable data. Currently, neither the duration nor the subsequent course of the crisis can be reliably assessed;
  • Let your words quickly be followed by visible actions, in order to maintain the confidence of the workforce. Determination shows strength in the crisis;
  • Be a model - set an example now and be aware of the effect of your behavior on employees, as you and they practice social distancing and in the case of possible salary cuts;
  • Whenever possible, use available media to fill in for the lack of personal contact, such as videoconferencing. The need for communication is uninterrupted in humans;
  • Stay open to the opportunities that may arise for your business in dialogue with your teams, even in times of crisis - new ideas channel energy.

The current crisis is a difficult test for managers and a lesson in humility for all of us, where peace, tolerance for uncertainty and the ability to adapt quickly to dynamically changing conditions have played a key role.