Hiring a new employee is a very important decision for companies of all sizes. – Connect HR Strategy. Atlanta

Hiring a new employee is a very important decision for companies of all sizes.

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The leading HR teams know that the recruitment of a candidate is barely half the battle!

You start with a selection process, receive resumes, select the best candidates for the vacancy,call them for an interview, and speak with all those chosen to proceed. Depending on the position, this process can last weeks or even months. The problem comes when you finally find the ideal talent and after only a few weeks or months, (s)he decides to leave the company, and you have to start again from zero the whole recruitment and hiring process, which eats up valuable time and resources of your company.

Given that consideration, it’s crucial to have a good employee integration – onboarding –program, that eases the transition of that individual to the organizational culture of the company, in order to guarantee that the new hire will be successful.

This strategy will directly reduce the toll of turnover for your company. According to the Aberdeen Group, 86% of new hires decide to stay or leave a company within the first six months, and new employees are 69% more likely to stay for more than three years if there is a well-structured onboarding program.

Note, however, that onboarding is NOT the same as orientation:

Orientation - generally done in a few days, this is to familiarize the new employee with the policies and benefits of the organization, and similar matters.

Onboarding - a structured process that can last from a few months to a year, including such elements as a business mentor, periodic check-ins, frequent informal bi-directional feedback, etc.

By this method, it’s possible to retain talent, increase profits and attain maximum quality from your collaborators.

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