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5 Successful Companies That Invest in Their Employees

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October 14, 2019
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November 12, 2019

Regardless of the size or the industry, one of the major challenges for organizations is to attract and retain competent professionals with technical abilities and behaviors that are indispensable for the maximization of results. At the same time, people are increasingly paying attention to the organizations that value their abilities, promote their professional growth and that offer opportunities for internal promotion.

For this reason, investing in corporate training is of fundamental importance for the satisfaction of both parties. Several corporations that adopted this strategy are in the ranking of the most sustainable companies. In the end, who wouldn’t like to work in such companies?

Clearly, the size and complexity of the organization must be taken into consideration in the choice of the best methods of training and development. In the following, we can see different training approaches taken by 5 companies that prioritize the development of their employees.

  • Bonobos, through its People Team, offers Learning & Development programs for employees, addressing such topics as management abilities, skills to navigate internal relationships, elevating the customer experience, and improving employee performance.

  • Cybercoders, a headhunting firm, through the Associate Recruiter Incubator Program, hires educated, highly driven, competitive individuals and teaches them to apply technology to a diverse marketplace.

  • AirBnB promotes teaching through holding internal events where leaders and managers share their ideas about a range of predetermined topics, yet, they created a leadership development program at no extra cost and decided to design a bunch of courses of its own for different employee needs.

  • Amazon has created an intensive training and leadership program that is administered within a month after hiring. Also, the company pays 95% of the fees for specific courses and training for remote workers, such as “Virtual Contact Centers.”

  • AT&T has its own university with a focus on leadership and management development. It has created an online Master’s in Computer Science, with technical courses in web and mobile development, data analysis and technological innovation, among others.

According to Francis Gouillart, author of the business book The Power of Co-Creation, “The value created by a company resides in the accumulated knowledge of the people who comprise it, expressed in the form of the products and services it sells. A company has success when it first develops abilities in its personnel. It is from there, then, that abilities begin to translate into more efficient operations, more satisfied clients, and higher levels of financial performance.”

We at Connect HR Strategy help our clients in with training and development personalized to meet the specific needs of employees, which will accelerate the success of their businesses.