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Absolute dedication to international small & medium sized organization growth and global success

Purpose: Create an environment where your business and management team grow with long-term sustainable goals.

Connect is a human resources management group which has developed a unique approach to HRM. Our objective is to provide our clients with simple and practical HR solutions.

Connect can manage your human resources professionally. We offer a number of human resources consulting programs designed to identify and fill-in the gaps in your organizational structure. No matter where you are located, Connect can help your organization adapt to any HR challenge.


Our Solutions

Our Solutions


We take out the guess-work and provide you with hassle-free solutions that will yield savings in terms of time and resources, which will allow you to focus on promoting your business vs. spending valuable time and assets on HR issues.

Innovative, focused HR solutions that are aligned with your short and long-term business plans.

High-quality HR consultants dedicated to your team with an affordable investment​.

Reliable, trustworthy, flexible, and efficient HR indicators that will address present and future employee-related issues.

Increased focus on organizational culture, attracting top talent and improving employee engagement, tailored to your business​. Leave the recruiting to us, we will do the homework, the vetting and the qualifying before we present the most qualified and potentially successful candidates.

Tailored contracts with discounted annual renewal options. Employee policy manuals, safety procedures, benefits guides and other relevant HR documents are our specialty. All of our manuals and distribution materials are pre-approved by an employment law attorney.

Connect will ensure that nothing is overlooked when it comes to government compliance. Avoid costly penalties and delays, and make any permitting process easy to navigate.


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Connect HR’s expertise and implementations have enabled us to run our company in the way and at the level we want. I got to know them as an extension of our team, without the normal complications involved with large HR firms.

JOHN S. - CEO and Founder

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© 2020 Connect HR Strategy. All Rights Reserved.